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Photography.....The intrusion into the flow of time... That statement really in so many ways sums up how I feel about photography. The opportunity to see a moment in time from my perspective and to save it to share with other people is such a rewarding and empowering thing . Its incredible how differently people interpret the same image. To provoke thought and to on occasion get someone to look at the world in a manner that they might not have otherwise done, is so very exciting to me.


My favorite type of photography is High Dynamic Range ( HDR) photography.It is a medium that is really quite different than standard photography and allows me to show ordinary things in a manner we could not normally see them in. It is a technique in which multiple shots of the same subject are shot at different settings and then combined with amazing results. It provides details and colors that we would never have been able to see under ordinary circumstances.


Thank you for stopping by. I am delighted to share my work with you. I do hope that my images in some ways make you look at the world in a different way even if for only a few moments. I invite you to stop by my blog as well as become a friend on face book...comments are most welcome!! I!/home.php?sk=group_172239532806255&ap=1


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